The ordinary is an insult to the exquiste expanse of life ~ Amelia Franklin

Welcome, below is a bit … About Us… enjoy.

So yep it’s me Amelia Franklin writing this and yes I am a real person, now that is pretty brilliant. I need to write an About Us but all I can think to write is life is here to be lived. I guess you have heard that before, but I will let you know a secret, get out do the life thing in a huge passionate fantastic way and it will come back to you as a spectacular adventure. Take the risk and hug and love everyone who crosses your path, ask that guy on a date, … or maybe leave the creepy person alone, but you get it, right?

I am just one woman in this world, I have a son, one vehicle, a dog and I walk to work most days. Materialism does not drive me at all. I hope that through caring about the people I surround myself with at work and their families, by understanding school holidays happen, kids get sick and that shifts need to change and it’s all good, basically fostering a kind and compassionate workplace I make life better. By showing up, building long – term relationships that have lasted nearly 10 years and are still going strong and thus in turn being able to support co-operatives bring fresh drinking water to the village, build a school for the children to learn and creating opportunity for women to be valued is bloody important and fulfilling. Flying to speak at Fair Trade Fortnight events or International Women’s Coffee Alliance events to show that I as a woman can speak and be heard and what I have to say is valid and inspirational to other women, especially young women, I am contributing to women embracing the empowerment that lies within us all. To travelling the globe in search of equipment to run our traditional coffee roastery the old fashioned, people not computers, hand crafted, artisan coffee roastery way. This is what I do, this is what we do.

We source our coffee from third-generation farmers and women coffee farmers in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Central America, South America, East Africa and India. And I spends a great deal of time building long term relationships that ensure the farmers and in particular women coffee farmers have a quality of life to be proud of and these relationships produce the high-quality coffee for our roastery in Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia.

This is why I spend months every year on the road, visiting and collaborating with people who help make this happen and why I surround myself with an absolutely stunning team.

Amelia Franklin Coffee Roaster

We are old – fashioned and roast our coffee the traditional way for wholesale and retail customers, established in 2007. We rely on highly trained people not computers. Our mission is to provide high quality fairtrade organic coffee. The way I have set up the roastery highlights the qualities that ethical coffee has when it is carefully selected for its cup characteristics, acidity, full bodied mouth feel, cleanness, caramel to a bouquet of fruits, sweetness and many more complexities.

We roast on a Turkish Has Granti (Mr. Has), an Italian Petroncini (Big Bertha) and U.S.A Diedrich (no nick name as yet – suggestions on meeting the equipment), what coffee roaster we use is dependant on the profile and style of roasting we are looking for.

 What Sets Us Apart From The Pack !

  • We only roast high quality A or AA grade coffee that is Fairtrade and Organic Certified, this is our specialty.
  • We are committed to being a sustainable micro-roastery ~ 100% non-government organisation, not for profit. socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.
  • people, planet… profit reinvestment back into people, planet, profit reinvest… We take no donations, we are a 100% social business dedicated to humanity and the earth.
  • All the coffee and husk waste from roasting and training is used for compost in our garden and our local community garden.
  • All our wholesale cafe customers are offered ongoing Barista Training for their key staff in the role of Barista in our espresso bar in Bellingen NSW.
  • We are a Multi Award Winning coffee roastery.
  • And …. we love what we do!

For more information about buying wholesale coffee beans for cafes, restaurants, your office, universities, and retail businesses. Please contact us so we can begin a conversation about how we can enhance your coffee world.

1300 720 799