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Relationship can be fulfilling, while other can be challenging. Our team consists of chefs, baristas, cafe managers, barista trainers and dishies. From our accounts managers to cleaners everyone has worked in hospitaility this makes the relationship with our team one of understanding. We understand your vision, are happy to listen and hey we may be able to help. With over 60 years of combined experience, we get it.


When starting a new cafe or taking over an existing cafe, the most important and most valuable decision you will make for your business is choosing and maintaining the right coffee roasting partner relationship.

As an ethical coffee specialist we have spent years roasting the finest ethical coffee available. With our roasting, retailing and training experience, we are able to serve you and your needs to produce consistently outstanding espresso.


Every Monday we will call or SMS so you can place your weekly order. 

We don’t have coffee sitting around in storage, we only roast to your exact order, while managing your roast dates with you to ensure you have perfect coffee ready for your customers.  Delivered in the same week.

Australia Wide Service.


Whether you’re a cafe, retailer, corporate or not for profit organisation we have you covered from table talkers and posters to wind barrier and umbrellas. If you’re interested, contact us so we can talk about what you are looking for.

We work with Fair Trade Australia and can provide you with Fair Trade promotional material also.


10% off on most equipment for wholesale customer

Silverchef finance available!


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For all our cafe & restaurant customers we provide on going training in our Roastery and Espresso Bar, this is a part of the service we offer to our wholesale cafe customers. We understand that your business will succeed if your staff are well trained and thus our business will also benefit.

Enjoy a stimulating trading partnership today,

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Amelia Franklin started this company six years ago and still prefers to roast coffee and write about coffee over sitting at a desk and doing paper work.

If you would like to speak with her call and one of the team will get her for you whether she’s roasting coffee, playing with her son, or trekking through coffee plantation in far off lands, enjoy speaking with someone who is passionate, knowledgeable and very warm and friendly.


I have been looking for a company that has ethics and class, the coffee is delicious and markets itself with all the awards, and the presentation is just divine, ever since we changed coffee suppliers our sales have increased, never happier and never changing.” ~ Susan Kirkness

We have been blown away with sales of your coffee. Across the range both off the shelf and online sales have been great – the biggest problem we have had has been keeping up with demand! The combination of taste, range, fair trade and organic has been a winner for us and our customers. It has been a real pleasure to watch you grow since we started working with you and with your recent awards I am sure that trend will continue. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to other stores.” ~ Kev Doyle – Kombu Wholefoods

Delivering ethics, sustainability & innovation globally!

 What Sets Us Apart From The Pack !

  • We only roast high quality A or AA grade coffee that is Sustainably farmed and Organic Certified, this is our specialty.
  • We are committed to being a sustainable micro-roastery ~ 100% non-government organisation, not for profit. socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.
  • people, planet… profit reinvestment back into people, planet, profit reinvest… We take no donations, we are a 100% social business dedicated to humanity and the earth.
  • All the coffee and husk waste from roasting and training is used for compost in our garden and our local community garden.
  • All our wholesale cafe customers are offered ongoing Barista Training for their key staff in the role of Barista in our espresso bar in Bellingen NSW.
  • We are a Multi Award Winning coffee roastery.
  • And …. we love what we do!

Delivering product, marketing & training solutions

~ Australia Wide ~

To get you results

Call 1300 720 799